You know… there are tons of cities in this region, but I can’t seem to find the books we have on any but these two.

Immdar is the capital city of the empire of the same name.
Westport is the very large city on the west coast of the same bay as the capital.

If you just want a list… well, there’s also: Aidu-Allan home of House Allan, Sieborn Hold, Papalo Rise, Dinestera Keep, Watterhadden Locks, Old Kedor, Rul Proper, Brack City home of the Marpassi Wizards, Skien of the Skyknights, Larhorn in the South, Marble Hall of the White Dwarves, Crim Deep of the Red Dwarves, and the capitals of the three elven peoples that I can’t pronounce properly, they’re usually just called The Starcoast Citadel, Highvalley, and Underroot. I guess you could count Gob as a city, but it’s more of an ant hill if you ask me.

Oh there’s more, but you’re not likely to hear of them other places unless you go there yourself.


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