Regional Factions


The empire is a coalition of the core imperial region and forces and several annexed and conquered peoples. It is ruled by an autocratic monarch and his inner circle of advisors.

The Imperial Military

In any state with mandatory military service for 90% of its citizens, the breadth of its work will be vast. The Imperial Military is split into several different branches.

Imperial Works

The largest branch of the military. They are in charge of resources, manufacturing, production, and distribution. The insignia of the Imperial Works is a stylized aqueduct.

Imperial Guard

The imperial guard is the second largest branch of the military. They protect the lands and people of the empire in their home cities and provinces, they also enforce the law of the empire. The police forces are a subdivision, but an important one. The insignia of the Imperial Guard is a stylized shield. They typically wear larger badges than other branches to show their authority. Those with a red inset are city guards. Those with a green inset are rangers and patrolmen. Those with a blue inset are investigators. Those with a purple inset are elite royal guards.

Imperial Army

The primary offensive component of the military and the third largest. The army pays twice what the imperial guard pays. It is also a source of great glory and fame. By elevating oneself through the ranks of the army a peasant can become a landed knight. The three ranks of the legion are Hastar, Principar, and Triar. All soldiers who advance through the three ranks of the legion can purchase a knighthood. A knight has both a responsibility as a member of a cavalry unit and a command of infantry soldiers, decided by their higher ranking soldiers for a battle. The ranks of knighthood are corporal, lieutenant, captain, lieutenant colonel, colonel, lieutenant general, general. In reference, each is prefixed with Knight until given land, at which point they are instead prefixed by Lord. For example, Knight Corporal Edward, Knight Captain Bronn, Lord Lieutenant General James, Lord General Eric, etc. The insignia of the Imperial Army is a six pointed star behind the particular regiment’s insignia.

Imperial Navy

The smallest of the four branches is one of the most important. The Navy has both offensive and defensive responsibilities. Many of the more recent threats to the empire have come from the seas. Beyond pirates and raiders, there have been reports of foreign fleets sailing the seas. More information than that though is not public knowledge. The insignia of the Imperial Navy is a crescent moon.

White Dwarves

Of the imperial dwarves, the White Dwarves are the most similar to the humans in temperament. They live in a relatively sheltered part of the Skarra mountains and spend great amounts of time and effort on architecture and engineering.

Brown Dwarves

Militaristic ethnicity of dwarves that live on the frontier of the Orc Range and have a long history of fighting the wild orcs. They are among the most powerful of the demi-human allies of the empire in terms of military strength. Their culture seems barbaric to most, but it is a highly refined system of ritual combat and training.

Red Dwarves

The deep delvers of Skarra, the Red Dwarves know the secrets of the great mountains and mine them prolifically.

Elves of Starcoast

The oldest ally of the empire and the scarcest of the elves, the sailors of Starcoast are the ancient navigators of the world. Their city and people are a remnant of an older age. Some of the lord-captains remember nursing the dragon rulers in their infancy. They are now too few and too old to be of any great aid to the empire, but they maintain their shell of a civilization in their last remaining city across the bay from the capital.

Elves of Highvalley

Sometimes called the mountain elves, they hail from their paradisaical cliff-side city in the southern reaches of the Skarra mountains.


The most prolific of the elves and at the same time the most reclusive. They are very close in culture to their distant cousins to the south, the Dew Elves. Both live much closer to nature than the more refined elven people and as such are reminiscent of true fey.

Noble Human Families

The noble families are tied together by blood, not a cause, and as such may not act in any unified way. Each individual noble NPC is unique.


The imperial line.


Long ago a royal family. Their kingdom near the hill dwarves was annexed by the empire. They retain considerable wealth, influence, and power.


A family of hereditary wizards who have an unusual attachment to civics. They hail from the eastern shore of Brack Lake.


A considerable naval powerhouse.


A famously pious family that gained power and esteem during the Righteous Revolution. They are a landlocked people renowned for their mastery of horses.


Extremely wealthy, and not from one source. They are bankers, investors, merchants, and salesmen.


Remarkable for their chivalric honor and trustworthiness. They hail from the land around Lake Rul, a place of tranquil beauty and romance.


A prolific house full of powerful warriors. Known for being extremely hard to befriend.


Though still considered an outsider to the empire by most, the Larhorns moved in from the south and quickly picked up status and influence.


The masters of the capital city’s ports.


Skyknights of the northern hills that ride the hippogriffs famous in that region. Famously arrogant.

The Academies of Magic

Scattered throughout the empire are institutions of arcane learning and arcane administration. The relationship with each organization and the empire differs, but all are required to perform certain arcane services at reasonable cost. These services include scrying, magical instrument production, spell casting, and the like.

Guild of Just and Pure Magicians

The guild came into power with the new emperor. They have long sponsored the idea of a magical caste system to prevent the “fall” into Necromancy, Witchcraft, and Devil and Demon magic. While Necromancy and witchcraft are illegal, their system goes farther by ranking schools of magic in terms of their closeness to the Dark Arts and confer scholarships to those who study the “proper” schools, and less to those who work closer to the dark ones.

Jisha Cabal

Individualistic members of a loose society that gather occasionally to trade secrets and cooperate, or fight each other.

The Religious Organizations

Also outside the direct control of the empire are the churches, monasteries, and other religious orders of the realm. These are permitted to exist in exchange for a percentage cut of all their tithing or a yearly fee, whichever is greater. In addition they are required to perform various services such as healing, blessing, curing, consulting, and ceremonial rites of various kinds. Many who despise the military choose to join the clergy, and as a result a grudging relationship has arisen.

Churches of Amm’s Children

Uv (Neutral Good)

God of Sun, Fire, Glory, Nobility

Kalv (Chaotic Good)

God of Weather, Healing, Strength, War

Ess (Lawful Neutral)

God of Law, Magic, Travel, Charm

Amm (Neutral)

God of Earth, Water, Plant, Animal

Druv (Chaotic Neutral)

God of Wind, Luck, Destruction, Madness

Tess (Lawful Evil)

God of Community, Artifice, Rune, Protection

Mast (Neutral Evil)

God of Trickery, Death, Knowledge, Liberation

Church of Imm’s Light (Lawful Good)

Primordial force of light.

Church of Dar’s Night (Chaotic Evil)

Primordial force of darkness.

Merr’s Coven (True Neutral)

A druid coven that operates under the auspices of the empire.

The Rebellion

Word of the rebellion is on the wind, but who leads it and who supports it is a deeply kept secret.

Ferork’s Horde

The largest unincorporated orc horde. They are constantly fighting at the borders of the empire. Especially against the Brown Dwarves.

Drakmar’s Clan

A clan of orcs that is known to have infiltrated the borders of the empire and has yet to be put down.


Fanatical dragon worshipers.

Basko’s Circus

Takes in those the military rejects due to deformity or injury and trains them in performance and entertainment.

Fire Giants of Skarra

One of the primary adversaries of the empire.

Qaystar’s Raiders

Bards, Rogues, Sorcerers and other serious free-spirited raiders who take from the empire’s wealth.

Buttondown Gnomes

A resilient, unincorporated group of gnomes who oppose Imperial rule.

Eastern Hill Dwarves

A rebellious group of dwarves who oppose Imperial rule and fight intruders tooth and nail.

Dew Elves

Sometimes called wild elves, sometimes called swamp vermin. They oppose the empire.

Local Factions (Westport)

These are the only factions out in the open in Westport. You may discover others during your residence. Knowledge of any of these requires an appropriate knowledge check.

City Government

Immdar Empire

Guild of Just and Pure Magicians

Jisha Cabal

Guild of Papers

Guild of Arms

Guild of Care

Slaver’s Guild

Guild of Travel

Freight Guild

Mercenary Guild


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