Many aspects of the Imperial Culture are related to the legend of the origin of the gods. The story is called the Gifts of Amm. Amm, the name of the world, was the first god after the collision of Imm and Dar that produced all things. Amm’s first children were wonderful beings, and Amm wanted nothing more than to give them gifts worthy of their greatness. To the first born whose name was Uv, Amm gave the sun, to the second born whose name was Kalv the first moon was given, to the third, Ess, the second moon was given, to the fourth whose name was Druv a distant planet was given, to the fifth whose name was Tess an even more distant planet was given, and to the sixth, whose name was Mast the most distant, and cold planet was given.

Amm never stopped bearing children though, and could not divide all of existence to each child, and so the giving of such great gifts stopped, but upon one’s death every soul is said to be granted a star in the sky to reside for eternity. This was the compromise that Amm made with all later children.

Among the landed nobility birth order is of extreme importance because of inheritance. The order correlates with the Gifts of Amm and children are given additional names related to their birth order, respectively: Uvos, Kalvos, Essos, Druvos, Tessos, and Mastos, and after that they are simply referred to as seventh child, eighth child, etc. This designation comes after the last name and before any earned titles when being formally addressed or announced. p.

Most diviners agree that Amm and the first children exist in some form as gods or demigods on the realms they were given. They appear to answer the prayers of their devoted worshipers as well, at least inasmuch as divine magic can be attributed to the power of prayers.

The seven deities are attributed the following traits by their respective churches. All are referred to as male as often as they are female. There is no consensus on the matter of the gender of the deities.

  • Uv – Neutral Good – God of Sun, Fire, Glory, Nobility
  • Kalv – Chaotic Good – God of Weather, Healing, Strength, War
  • Ess – Lawful Neutral – God of Law, Magic, Travel, Charm
  • Amm – Neutral – God of Earth, Water, Plant, Animal
  • Druv – Chaotic Neutral – God of Wind, Luck, Destruction, Madness
  • Tess – Lawful Evil – God of Community, Artifice, Rune, Protection
  • Mast – Neutral Evil – God of Trickery, Death, Knowledge, Liberation

In addition to these are two deities who are more abstract than the seven above, they are given more absolute or pure characteristics. Most creation stories say that all existence was born from their collision in the primordial absence of all things.

  • Imm – Lawful Good – God of Good, Law, Repose, Healing
  • Dar – Chaotic Evil – God of Evil, Chaos, Madness, Death

Shared Beliefs

  • All life is a gift from the world who is called Amm.
  • Most who die become stars in the night sky, this is known as Amm’s compromise.
  • The most devout instead join their deity in the afterlife.
  • Shooting stars are disgraced dead, falling from home to be cursed with another life, this is why there is a taboo on Necromancy.
  • Demons want to corrupt the world and take it away from Amm’s children.
  • One day the night sky will fill with the light of the stars of all the dead and there will be no more room for Dar, who brings the night.


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