On the western shore of Starcoast, it provides the capital city with storage, labor, lodging, and industry. Below is an overview of the city’s main landmarks organized by ward.

North Gate

Tournament Grounds
Orc Camp

West Gate

The River Gate
Westgate Inn

South Gate

Lizardfolk Camp
Hunter’s Lodge


The Pearl (Castle)
The Triangle (Public Square)
The Wave (Hotel)
The Sail (Hotel)
The Cutlass (Hotel)

The Salt Ward

PC’s Extermination Business (Yet Unnamed)
The Tattered Flags (Inn and Tavern)
Statue of the Sea-Elf
The Circuit
The Well of Salt Water

The Imperial District

Gryphon Lawn
Imperial Administration Building
Westport Military Headquarters
Embassy Row

Harbor District

The Pearl Authority
The Docks
The Unmovable Galleon
The Haggard Scabbard (Tavern)

Fresh Markets

The Bay Markets
The Slave Auction
The Goblin Warren

Guilds Ward

Guild of Just and Pure Magicians Tower
Guild of Papers
Guild of Arms
Guild of Care
Slaver’s Guild
Guild of Travel
Freight Guild
Mercenary Guild
Alchemist’s Guild Office

Smoke Ward

The Dark Street
Adamantine Research Facility
Metallurgist Factory
Kardot’s Heavy Metal
Alchemist’s Workshop

Freeman Ward

The Conch Theater
Hadria’s Garden
Lure of the Succubus (Inn and Brothel)
Grof’s House of Cards (Tavern and Casino)
The Silver Moonbeam (Tavern)

Arcane Ward

Cabal Banner Pole
The Academy of Abjuration
Renthy’s Rare Tidbits (Magic Items and Oddities)
A Vial Man (Alchemist/Apothecary/Potions)

Corner District

Tellifer’s Ales and Tales (Tavern)
The Tall Tree
The Cemetary and Catacombs
The Church of Imm
The Church of Dar
The Temple of the Six Children of Amm
Penny Library


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